The Basics of Lawsuit Funding

Settlement funding is an excellent option for individuals in the midst of personal injury litigation who need fast cash to cover their legal and other associated bills. Often referred to as either a lawsuit loan or settlement loan, pre Settled funding can be provided as a lump sum cash advance, or in regular monthly installments over a predetermined period of time. With this type of funding a litigant in a personal injury lawsuit can obtain a cash advance from a pre-existing financial relationship or from a new financial relationship. The most common pre Settled funding scenario at the USClaims involves a litigant who has retained the services of an attorney. In the event the litigant has not retained an attorney, his or her case may be eligible for a post-settlement financing arrangement.

Post-Settlement Funding is also available in cases where victims who are awarded significant monies in personal injury lawsuits are unable to obtain the full amount needed to compensate for their injuries and lost wages. In these instances, funding from a post-settlement source may be necessary to pursue a claim against the liable party. Most often victims of motor vehicle accidents or medical malpractice accidents are able to successfully pursue a claim against the at-fault driver of the vehicle in order to obtain the monies needed to cover their losses. However, sometimes victims are unable to pursue such claims through the traditional means of personal injury litigation. In these instances, funding from a post-settlement source may be necessary to pursue a legal claim. Learn more about settlement loan here:

Another possible method of obtaining settlement funding in a pending personal injury lawsuit involves a lender who provides a loan against collateral. In this instance the loan is secured by the legal fees already collected by the injured party in response to the original lawsuit. In many instances, if the loan is made before the case gets to trial, it can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to resolve the case. Therefore, it is often good idea to pursue a loan as quickly as possible to avoid having to spend money on paying for attorney fees and any other expenses that accrue during the process of collecting the money.

There are a number of different ways to apply for the loans from settlement funding companies. In most instances, applicants will be required to have a good credit rating. Good credit is a requirement for most lenders who provide the funding. In some cases, however, good credit is not a prerequisite for funding from settlement companies.

The majority of funding from pre-settlement funds are provided to attorneys who represent clients in personal injury lawsuits. When filing for a loan from settlement funding companies, an applicant must be aware of the policies that may affect the type of loan they are able to receive. Often, those seeking lawsuit funding cannot obtain cash loans under the types of programs that are provided by most lenders. For instance, lawsuit funding companies do not generally provide personal injury lawsuit funding if the applicant is unable to prove that they will be able to repay the funds advanced. The applicant must submit documentation that demonstrates their ability to repay such funding and pass specific assessments.

While lawsuit loans and settlement funding can offer cash advances with very few requirements, both funding options carry inherent risks and dangers. Individuals interested in obtaining either funding or lawsuit cash advances should be aware of these risks prior to signing any agreement. Also, individuals should be aware that lawsuit loans and settlement funding companies may take up to six months to make a decision on whether they will advance the funding or not. When deciding whether to pursue lawsuit funding, individuals should always be careful to thoroughly research the various options that may be available to them. As previously stated, litigation financing can provide cash advances to individuals in need of financial assistance during the course of a pending personal injury lawsuit. Get more details about settlement at

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